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A revolutionary alternative to current hydrocolloid-based flange extenders. UltraFrame flange extenders are secure and discreet due to its ultra-thin and conformable transparent film.


UK order number: XUFWAFH33

HK order number: 3612

Packing: 20 pieces per box

UltraFrame® Flange Extender

  • With an effective instant adhesion, UltraFrame flange extender provides a highly secure seal that prevents leaks, giving active ostomates and ostomates with hernias or anatomical irregularities added reassurance.


    • Keeps flange securely in place
    • Prevents edges of the flange from lifting
    • Provides an effective seal against leaks


    • Conforms to different body shapes
    • Freedom to move without compromising on security


    • Allows for underlying skin to breathe
    • May help to maintain healthy skin


    • Ultra-thin transparent film for low profile discreetness
    • Reduces visibility both under clothing and also when the pouch is exposed
    • Very small ball of material to dispose of upon removal


    • The conformability and breathability provides the ostomate with great comfort during use
    • The transparency allows the ostomate to view the health of their skin
    • The white tabs at each end ensures a smooth removal


    • Prevents the edges of the flange from lifting, even when in contact with water
    • Ideal for bathing and swimming
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