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What is a Urostomy?

A urostomy is a stoma that is formed to divert urine when the bladder has been removed.

The two ureters from the kidneys are plumbed into a small isolated segment of small bowel, which protrudes out from the abdominal wall. The piece of small bowel used will form the urinary stoma.

A urostomy is almost always situated on the right side of the abdomen, unless for surgical/technical reasons. When the bladder is removed a urostomy will always be permanent.

Urostomy Products

At Welland Medical we provide products of the highest quality, so that ostomates are able to lead a full and active life whilst remaining confident that their pouch will provide the comfort and security they need.

The comprehensive Welland Medical range of urostomy products features one and two piece pouches with flat, Convex and Curvex flanges. Developed by our dedicated Research & Development team, ostomates will be sure to find a product that addresses their specific individual stoma needs.

Urostomy Guide

If you would like to find out more about stoma surgery or how to maintain your normal daily routine living with a stoma, please download ‘Urostomy - A practical guide to stoma care’.

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