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Medical Adhesive Remover Spray provides fast and kind removal of stoma products and protects from the harmful effects of repeated skin stripping.


UK order number: WAB050

HK order number: 1516

Size: 50ml

Welland Medical Adhesive Remover Spray

SKU: WAB050/1516
  • Medical Adhesive Remover Spray makes the removal of stoma products quick and gentle. Just spray around the edge of the adhesive and wait a few seconds:-

    • Helps reduce the damaging and painful effects of repeated skin stripping from the removal of some adhesives
    • Dries in seconds without compromising the adhesion of the next bag
    • No sting formula removes residue in seconds with no need to wash skin after use
    • Spray works at any angle, allowing the spray to be used directly where it is needed

    New innovation ‘bag-in-can’ technology

    • No flammable propellants and less need for preservatives
    • No cold sensation when applied to the skin
    • No wastage and cost effective. 100% of the product is dispensed
    • Even and controlled spraying pattern gives optimal results
    • No need to shake or pump the pack to dispense the product
    • Can be used at all angles
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