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英國訂貨編號: XMHNDX213

香港訂貨編號: 3398

尺碼: 13-60毫米

透明度: 不透明

每盒: 10個

XMHNDX213/3398 一件裝凸面易貼式蜂蜜炭精開口袋 (Convex)

庫存單位: XMHNDX-213/3398
  • Versatile convexity. One fits all

    A kind solution for stomas that need moderate to advanced help to protrude. Ideal for:

    • Retracted stomas
    • Deeply recessed, sunken or tilted stomas
    • Flush or poorly sited stomas

    Skin friendly

    • The hydrocolloid with added Manuka Honey is skin friendly and may help to promote healthy skin around the stoma
    • Super soft water repellent cover – exceptional comfort even during extended wear
    • easy2peel™ tab – supports the smooth removal of the flange, reducing skin trauma

    Less ballooning & improved deodorisation

    • New Dual-Carb®i filter – repels liquid, reducing the chance of leakage

    Increased security

    • Integrated belt loops for those who require additional security

    Simplified emptying, cleaning and monitoring

    • Integral Closure System for easier emptying and cleaning
    • Split back cover for easier pouch positioning and output monitoring

    Tailored to you

    • Cutting guide – allows a perfect fit for different stoma shapes and sizes, reducing skin irritation and potential leakage
    • Mini, midi, midi plus, maxi and maxi plus bags available with an option of 4 plateau sizes to suit individual needs
    • An extra-large flange that cuts up to 60mm features on midi plus and maxi plus pouches.
  • 購買任何貨品淨值滿$600或以上即享有免費送貨服務 (只限一個送貨地點及只送香港/九龍/新界地區)




    凡於單一訂單購買任何貨品淨值低於 $600,只收取 $60 送貨費用。

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